A revolution in the pickle aisle

Kühne Pure Cornichons – pure and 100% natural

A revolution in the pickle aisle
How can the clear market leader and a growth driver in the pickled vegetables segment be developed further?

The biggest pickle innovation in 30 years is the answer to the trends that are on millennials’ radars. Even though younger consumers are increasingly adding cornichons to their carts, well over half the pickle sales of market leader Kühne come from the 50+ age group.

Pure Cornichons are finally the answer to pique the interest of younger target groups by addressing their own trends:
Naturalness – 84 % of 25-to-39-year-olds think a short and clear ingredient list is important.

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Pure and 100% natural.

Purity and realness are reflected in the product’s clear glass jar, which provides a view of the entire product.
The label relies on straightforward typography to show only purchase-relevant information.

The campaign came from our colleagues at PUK.