small drop. great impact.

The global pharmaceutical company medac has repositioned itself for the future, and Ligalux is managing the company's new visual corporate identity. Together with our strategy unit, fischerAppelt advisors, and our digital agency Fork, Ligalux was able to realize the brand transformation for medac. The goal of the integrated collaboration was to modernize the brand's image, emotionally charge it, and thus strategically position it strongly in the international competition.

medac is a reliable partner that considers health as the highest good of people and continuously advocates for it. This inner attitude is encapsulated in the new brand claim "improving human health" and is conveyed in the new corporate design.

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"With Ligalux, we have an experienced partner by our side who has ideally supported us during our complex transformation process."

Jeanette Holzer, Head of Global Brand Management, medac

Employees embody the new claim

The claim "improving human health" is reflected in the people shooting. The dedicated employees are shown in authentic work situations from research and development to production and packaging, and are the focus of the cross-site shooting.


From drop to logo

The logo is based on the droplet shape of a solution, representing medac's drive to improve approved medications and develop innovative therapy options. An open typeface, bold letters, and contrasting strokes in the logo design convey progressiveness, vitality, and maximum market impact. Rounded corners complete the brand's look and give the new appearance a soft, human appeal.

Strong brand, bold typography
A font for versatile requirements: medac's new corporate font is a variable font that can be flexibly used from condensed to extended, from analog to digital.

Strong brand, strong colors
The combination of the brand colors "sovereign violet" and "powerful blue" clearly distinguishes medac from the competition. The colors convey reliability, trust, and sovereignty.

Strong brand, clear design language
Linear icons characterize the informative layer of the communication media and establish a connection to the brand through the use of two colors and subtle line interruptions.

medac – a global brand with local characteristics
Although medac operates under the name medacpharma in Italy and the United Kingdom due to legal reasons, the differing brand can be homogeneously integrated into the global corporate identity.

The drop as a central design element
Originating from the droplet-shaped logo "drop", this brand-defining design element can unfold its impact as a call-to-action and as a spot area, used for texts, images, icons, and illustrations.

Scalable brand

Flexible design principles, combined with the drop element, form a comprehensive design system that extends across both analog and digital touchpoints.

Brand consistency across all channels

For globally consistent brand management, all applications are anchored in the digital brand book. This serves as the central set of rules for using the new visual identity. It ensures that all employees and service providers have access to various design and marketing templates. Thus, the brand is present everywhere, and its consistency is maintained.

"We are pleased that medac trusts our expertise for the repositioning of their brand and that we may accompany the company into the future."

Jan Kruse, Creative Director and Managing Director at Ligalux