Pronova BKK

Inspire employees

The biggest hurdle in change processes is implementing them internally within the company. We designed an internal brand starter kit for Pronova BKK with the aim of getting employees at all levels of the company excited about the new brand and turning them into brand ambassadors.

The central component of the starter kit is a brand manual that documents the entire change process in the company, conveys strategic principles and explains the central elements of the new image.
The content has been prepared in an easy-to-understand way so that employees from all areas of the organisation are inspired to enthusiastically promote the new brand to the outside world. Only if everyone knows where Pronova BKK is heading for its customers can the new brand promise be credibly fulfilled and communicated at every point of contact.

Services provided:
Brand workshops, brand strategy, brand design, brand implementation, packaging design, editorial design

In several stages, we accompanied the employees of the individual business units and trained them to become "brand ambassadors" in order to initiate the change from within rather than from the top down. Prior to the brand launch, each employee received a starter kit in which the previous process and the vision of the new brand were presented.

Easy introduction with the brand book
To make it easier to get started, the brand handbook summarises all the relevant topics relating to the new brand in a compact and easy-to-understand format.