Advertising off! ADVANCE on!

The Bauer Media Group is one of the world's leading media companies. The in-house marketing unit has adapted to the changes in the marketing business in recent years with new business areas and strategic partnerships. A revamped, contemporary brand identity also makes the transformation visible.

The company has evolved from a seller of ad space to a creative partner offering its clients a range of services from multi-channel solutions to content creation. Working together with its employees, the company's self-image was redefined and manifested in its positioning and new brand identity. The aim was to develop an independent brand identity without sacrificing the link to the parent brand. Bauer Advertising thus becomes Bauer Advance. "Advance" is an attitude, a slogan and at the same time a promise for customer success.

Brand strategy, naming, logo development, slogan development, brand design, brand implementation, campaign

Corporate Design

With blue as the primary color and Futura as the corporate typeface, the visual association with the Group brand is maintained. The eye-catching, assertive use of the design elements conveys a high degree of independence. Comic-like illustrations create a very unique and unexpected communication style.

"The challenge was to develop an identity that emphasized the changed range of products and services, the ability to innovate, and the customer focus in the communications."

Jan Kruse, Managing Director Ligalux


A campaign was run in the familiar industry media to launch the brand. With headlines using provocative marketer jargon and playful illustrations, attention was called to the new identity in a tongue-and-cheek manner.

The striking brand color "electric blue" boosted the campaign online in particular.

Relaunch remote

The entire process was done remotely and through virtual workshops and presentations. We presented the final results at a digital launch event, broadcast from Cinemaxx Hamburg.