Made to Fascinate

Merck develops innovative products and ingredients. The Merck Cosmetics product range includes beauty and care products of all kinds. A new identity and an attention-grabbing campaign were developed for the company’s division spanning science and beauty.

MERCK Cosmetics products are "Made to Fascinate." The tagline, which can be used for any ingredient, is at the heart of the campaign, developed in collaboration with our colleagues from Fork Unstable Media and fischerAppelt New York.

Brand design, slogan development, visual language, campaign

Campaign design

The campaign design places elements from the corporate brand into a new beauty context. It makes a bold aesthetic statement in the sector through compelling imagery, a variable tagline, and an eye-catching look.

Visual language

“To fascinate” means to stand out from the crowd. Extreme close-ups and unusual angles evoke tension and curiosity in the imagery with maximum intimacy. This look permeates all the motifs and creates new perspectives that capture attention in the cosmetics industry, but never lose sight of the product. It remains customizable for each product, so images from photo shoots can be used along with stock photos.

Sales brochures

The campaign motifs were used to give various product brochures a new look, with each ingredient given a unique design theme and descriptive slogan.

It was Fascination, I know,

and it might have ended, right then, at the start…

Just a passing glance, just a brief romance…

Then I touch your hand and next moment…

I kiss you

Fascination turned to love

Nat King Cole

Campaign launch

High recognition value, an individual look and a clear reference to the parent brand Merck: the new visual identity and campaign were successfully presented at in-cosmetics in London, the world's largest trade fair for personal care ingredients. The Merck booth was the perfect prelude to fascinating communication on all channels.